Spare Parts

As a key service to their customers Spire Solar offers high quality spare parts and consumables readily available to ship to avoid unnecessary equipment downtime. Spire Solar spare parts are located in stockrooms worldwide to ensure the fastest possible shipments and reduce customer equipment down time. Spire Solar recommends that all customers have a specified, recommended level of spare parts and consumables on hand (in the factory). The spare parts list is provided to a customer with the purchase of a Spire Solar product, or can be provided upon request.


Spare parts


Spire Solar spare parts service group often offers refurbished spare parts at a reduced cost, but with the same warranty as a new spare part. The refurbished parts are guaranteed by Spire Solar. On the other hand Spire Solar continuously improves products and spare parts to increase equipment overall lifetime, improve tool operations and add value to each process. Order placement may be made by phone or e-mail to the Spire Solar Customer Support Service group. In stock parts are usually shipped within 24 hours after receipt of an order. Our dedicated mail for support issues is: support (at)

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