Customer Service

The importance of having sun simulators with no downtime is invaluable. Spire Solar understands the cost associated with downtime and the value associated with 100% up time. On priority response is an exceptional service offered. Spire Solar’s on-site service support and simulator calibration offerings are available to support equipment for operation at maximum efficiency and to minimize downtime and costs that could negatively affect business. Spire Solar understands the uniqueness and individual needs of each customer which require specific solutions to offer maximum value to solar operations.

On-site service availability by Spire Solar trained field service engineers is available in addition to technical support. On-site support and calibration is available through different options. It is offered as an additional service to technical phone and e-mail support. A customer’s requirements may require having a Spire trained technical engineer on-site at the factory. Our dedicated mail for support issues is: support (at)

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