Spire Solar 5100SLP Blue 100ms


The Spire Solar 5100SLP Blue (100ms) is designed for high volume production testing of PV modules. It offers uncompromising performance and quality. The light contains 300nm-400nm and 1100-1200nm, to ensure PERC cells absorb the maximum possible amount of sunlight. The 5100SLP Blue has an IEC 60904-9 Class A+A+A+ classification for spectrum, spatial uniformity, and temporal stability. The system also allows for better control of “measurement uncertainty” with a measurement repeatability of below 0.15%.

The 5100SLP Blue delivers accurate and repeatable power measurements, enabling traceability to international gold module standards certified by the world’s leading certification bodies. Spire’s simulators are the industry standard for test labs and universities worldwide and used in Independent and National Labs including NREL, UL, TÜV, FSEC, EC-JRC, CSA, KIER, and Intertek.

Features & Benefits

  • For its enhanced spectrum and single longe pulse up to 100ms suited for testing PERC
  • Superior repeatability ( ≤ 0.15%) provides the foundation for long-term simulator stability and “matching” of simulators across multiple plant locations
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty allows tighter power binning
  • Better than Class A+ performance (spectral, spatial, and temporal) - exceeds IEC 60904-9 standards
  • Best form factor for inline automation interfaces combined with high throughput (20 second typical cycle time)