Spire Solar 5600SLP Blue 230ms


The Spire Solar 5600SLP Blue 230ms provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements. The system delivers a Class A+ 300nm-1300nm spectrum in addition to Class A + uniformity and temporal performance in combination with a measurement repeatability of ≤ 0.15%. The simulator’s unique feature of single pulse durations exceeding 230ms supports maximum module power determination of high efficiency silicon, thin film, PERC, HIT and multi-junction modules that exhibit internal capacitance effects. These versatile capabilities make the simulator ideal for use in applications ranging from R&D to high volume automated production. The innovative optical design also makes the system uniquely suited as a reference instrument for laboratory institutions, universities and leading international calibration and certification organizations.

The 5600SLP Blue’s superior accuracy delivers reliable measurement results, enabling traceability to international (gold) module standards calibrated by the world’s leading certification bodies. Spire’s simulators are the industry standard for test organizations worldwide including NREL, UL, TÜV, FSEC, EC-JRC, CSA, KIER, Exova, Intertek.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended 300nm - 1200nm Class A+ spectrum for high efficiency modules (PERC)
  • Spectrum option to 1300nm for high efficiency crystalline and thin film modules
  • Single long pulse > 230ms to get every watt from high efficiency modules
  • Single Flash "triple curve" multi-irradiance testing for precise calculation of series resistance
  • Class A+ spectrum +/- 12.5%*
  • Class A+ uniformity < 1%*
  • Class A+ temporal stability < 0.15%*
  • Best-in-class repeatability < 0.15%

* Exceeds IEC 60904-9 standards
** Sun simulation, high voltage isolation and ground continuity testing, and label printing