Spi-Sun Simulator™ 5100SLP


The Spi-Sun Simulator™ 5100SLP is targeted for high volume production testing of solar modules, the 5100SLP is designed to meet the demanding standards of PV module makers worldwide while providing the uncompromised performance and quality expected of the Spire simulator family. The 5100SLP focuses on reducing the cost of ownership with a single lamp and small footprint design that integrates easily into any factory environment.

The 5100SLP is a very compact metrology instrument and has been developed to exceed IEC 60904-9 Class AAA specifications for irradiance spectrum, spatial uniformity, and temporal stability. The new system provides better than Class A irradiance from 400nm-1100nm which replicates true sunlight conditions and is critical for getting every watt out of high efficiency c-Si and thin film modules. The system also allows for better control of “measurement uncertainty” with a measurement repeatability of better than 0.15%.

The 5100SLP’s delivers accurate and repeatable power measurements enabling traceability to international gold module standards certified by the world’s leading certification bodies. Spire’s simulators are the industry standard for test labs and universities worldwide, and used in Independent and National Labs including NREL, UL, TÜV, FSEC, EC-JRC, CSA, KIER, and Intertek.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry leading accuracy and precision* for more reliable power measurement and increased profitability
  • Superior repeatability ( ≤ 0.15%) provides the foundation for long-term simulator stability and “matching” of simulators across multiple plant locations
  • Better than Class A performance (spectral, spatial, and temporal) - exceeds IEC 60904-9 standards
  • Reduced measurement uncertainty allows tighter power binning
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Single lamp design

* Repeatability and reproducibility