Previous Models

Spire Solar’s Single Long Pulse (SLP) Spi-Sun Simulators™ are the most stable and accurate solar simulators in the industry. It has become the industry standard for test agencies and research labs worldwide, including NREL, UL, TÜV, FSEC, CSA, KIER and Bodycote. By combining superior technology, and the most suitable form factor, the Spi-Sun Solar Simulator fits easily into highly automated production environments that require superior up-time and continuous performance. The world-class capabilities of spectrum, uniformity and stability classification provide research and test laboratories with an instrument that is unparalleled in measurement quality.

Previous models of Spire Solar have been grouped on this page so customers are able to verify the specifications of the machines. You will find the 3500 SLP and 4600 SLP below. If you are looking for support for these machines you will find all the information you need here.