Spire Solar is streamlining operations, improving both its cost structure and time to market

One year after being acquired by Eternal Sun Group, Spire Solar is streamlining operations, improving both its cost structure and time to market. The improvement will leave sales and customer service unchanged but will integrate both manufacturing facilities and bring them to the Netherlands. In this same process, non-critical parts of the supply chain will be outsourced. The effect will be a shift from fixed to variable cost and it raises the manufacturing peak capacity – and thus improves lead time – anticipating to the highly cyclic solar market.

“In Q1 2017 the full impact of these changes will take effect. It will make us more adaptable to the cyclic solar market in terms of cost and lead time. Furthermore, our combined R&D teams and our testing labs will bring our application knowledge and competencies to a higher level. This enables the development of high-end technology, an expanded suite of applications and dedicated PV module testing advice. The improvements we already achieved during 2016 with respect to our operational improvements have been very encouraging, and we look forward to seeing the full impact of this improvement on the 2017 results.

Our long-term goal is to build a central knowledge center, align service and sales presence with our customer footprint, and to contribute to the development and growth of the solar industry. We will do this by enabling the highest degree of measurement control and certainty by providing high-end solar testing advice, technology & services” says Florian van Rijn van Alkemade, CEO of Spire Solar.