Eternal Sun wins PV Technology Highlight award for second year in a row

Today PV magazine has published the winners of its 2016 Technology Highlights award. Eternal Sun Group was selected as a joint winner along with Meyer Burger. DSM’s anti-soiling glass coating was selected as a Technology to Watch. An independent jury of PV industry experts reviewed 38 entries from solar production equipment and materials suppliers.

Eternal Sun was awarded the 2016 Technology Highlights award for its Climate Chamber and Solar Simulator, which brings together two testing processes in one piece of equipment. “We are grateful for the recognition of the industry. Developing innovative products is in our DNA, and getting the appreciation for our products for the second year in a row, Eternal Sun Group also won the award in 2015, is the best acknowledgement.

We believe this particular product will help the industry to mature even further. Long term reliability with respect to local conditions needs to be verified,” said Chokri Mousaoui, the CEO of the Eternal Sun Group. “Investors and project developers need to be able to understand and assess the reliability impact on ROI. For this two things are required: being able to simulate local conditions, and a fast, intensive and multi-stress test, which remains representative for local outdoor exposure. This piece of equipment is able to perform both, which leads to a combined stress test, consisting of sunlight, damp, heat and electrical load. This multi-stress test further accelerates aging while causing unique failure modes that are not detected with current separate stress tests of the IEC standards.” Eternal Sun recognized the role of the Solliance research partnership for the development of the Climate Chamber Solar Simulator.

“Previously, it has always been something separate: first, you test your modules with a flasher and get all your electronic data; afterward, you put them into a climate chamber for days or even weeks, then you take them out and flash them again,” said jury member Götz Fischbeck, the CEO of Smart Solar Consulting. “Now, with the innovation from Eternal Sun, you can run the test and climate simulation simultaneously.”