Hi Physix acquires a Spire Solar 5100SLP Blue and an Eternal Sun Steady State Solar Simulator

The HiPhysix Laboratory has been established with an objective to provide the best quality of calibration and testing services using well-equipped infrastructure with the help of highly qualified technical personnel. The laboratory has the capability to calibrate the most sophisticated electrical measuring Instruments under controlled environmental conditions.

Combining a steady state solar simulator with the capabilities of a flasher enables Hi Physix to cover the entire IEC-61215 certification cycle with less equipment, less floor space, and less personnel. This will keep cost competitive yet enable high-quality certification testing for PV modules.

The light of the 5100SLP Blue contains 300nm-400nm and 1100-1200nm, to ensure PERC, IBC and HJT PV modules absorb the maximum possible amount of sunlight. Combined with the single long pulse technology, which goes up to 130ms with the 5100, there are almost no corrections needed when measuring the PV technologies of the future. For Hi Physix the acquisition is an important step in their development as a certification facility. “The 5100SLP Blue delivers accurate and repeatable power measurements, enabling traceability to international gold module standards certified by the world’s leading certification bodies. Accuracy and traceability is value for certification facilities like Hi Physix” according to Erik Bentschap, CCO of Spire Solar.