Providing High-Quality Solar Simulation Technology Worldwide

PV Solar Module testing plays a critical role in developing a mature, global solar industry which can compete with the full range of other energy sources in today’s demanding environment.

Spire Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar simulators for measuring the performance of PV Solar Modules. The flash simulator’s world-class capabilities – regarding spectrum, uniformity and stability – provide research and test laboratories, as well as PV module manufacturers, an instrument that is unparalleled in measurement quality.

Single Long Pulse

Spire’s solar simulators use proven Single Long Pulse (SLP) flash technology to accurately measure the performance of a PV module. This enables longer sweep times while preserving the reliability and ease of use of a traditional flash tester.

Our flagship product, the Spi-Sun Simulator™ 5600SLP Blue, is the industry standard in module performance testing. It is now used by more than 30 standards testing laboratories worldwide. Our one-lamp 5100SLP Blue is a staple in mass production lines around the globe.

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Eternal Sun Group

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Spire’s sun simulator business by the Eternal Sun Group. This acquisition creates a solar testing powerhouse delivering solutions to R&D and manufacturing customers in the solar industry worldwide. The two companies address different markets, and together are able to offer quality control, insight and confidence across the entire supply chain.

Spirecorp has re-branded itself to SpirecorpPV to reflect its new focus towards solar manufacturing lines and away from the simulator business.

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